Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I too small to play rugby?  We’re not going to lie to you, rugby is a physical game. Size does play a factor, but not as much as you would think. There are 15 positions on the field that require 15 different body types. Rather than thinking in terms of tall or short, stocky or slim, think “solid”. It doesn’t matter what size you are as long as you can play solidly and stay on your feet – and that has more to do with power and technique than body composition.


Q: What kind of shape do I have to be in to play?  You’ll run on average 4km/game. There isn’t a single position where you can get away with being out of shape. Being fit also plays a HUGE part in helping you to remain injury-free. Don’t worry if it’s been a while though, joining the team is the best way to get back into shape.


Q: I’ve never played before… is that a problem?  Nope! One of the goals of the club is to target novice players. That includes beginners. We specifically structure practices so that anyone can join at any point during the season. At different times during the year, we also run special “boot camp” programs and video training for new players to help get them up to speed quickly. We’ve also designed strength and conditioning programs for our players, and we run regular fitness tests to make sure everyone is fit to play.


Q: What equipment do I need?  A good rugby jersey (not one of those trendier-than-thou versions from Abercrombie & Fitch) or sweatshirt for cold weather, shorts, cleats (called rugby boots), and a mouth-guard.


Q: How old are your players?  The age range at our club is pretty much the same as other clubs that play at our level. We have 36 players at the moment ranging in age from 19 to 40. The average age is about 26 years old.


Q: What makes this team different from other teams?  Not much, really.  The only real difference is our focus. Many teams in town concentrate their efforts on recruiting the best players and the best coaches to represent their club at the elite level. While we can’t say that we don’t have plans to field the best team in the league one day, no matter what level we play at, the Rogues will always put two things at the top of the agenda: (1) providing a top-quality development program for novice players, and (2) providing a club environment that encourages participation by players of diverse backgrounds (see Who We Are).


Q: What if I don’t fall into one of the “under-represented” categories… does that mean I’m not welcome to play for the Rogues?  Not at all. Being committed to encouraging diversity in our club is just one of the things we do.  We don’t give any special preference or differential treatment to anyone on the pitch or in the clubhouse.  Success on the team is wholly dependent on the dedication, skill, and talent of each individual player. And none of that has anything to do with colour, ethnicity, or sexual preference (that’s the whole point, right?).  We believe that the pursuit of our goal of involving under-represented groups shouldn’t exclude or marginalize players that fall within the more traditional “rugby demographic”.


Q: Do you have a women’s team?  We don’t have a women’s team right now, unfortunately. It’s a very high priority for us, but being a new club, we have limited resources – both volunteer and funding-wise. Our goal is to garner enough interest to launch a women’s side no later than the 2004/5 season, though. If you or anyone you know is interested in helping us develop a women’s program, please contact us.

Q: What about a junior men’s team?  This summer we’ve received a huge amount of interest in starting teams for both junior men and junior women.  If you’re interested, please contact us at


Q: How competitive are you? What sort of time commitment is required?  We’re not a house league.  We play competitively in the Vancouver Rugby Union single-club division.  That means we have games from 11 – 2PM most Saturdays between the middle of September and end of November, and between February and April. We practice Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 – 9PM during the season.