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Next Practice: Tuesday March 22nd
Status: normal Time: 6:30PM Venue: Braemar Park, Vancouver Braemar Park is located at 26th and Laurel about 1 block south and 1 block east of the Oak Street/King …

Clubcard joins the Rogues
Rogues Rugby welcomes Clubcard to our family of sponsors. Clubcard prints cards, flyers, posters and can handle virtually every other digital and off-set printing …

Spring Practice Schedule
The Rogues run regular practices every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6:30PM. Games are played on most Saturdays. Our practice pitch is located at Braemar …

Support the Rogues by Dining at the Fish House!
Support the Rogues by dining at the Fish House in Stanley Park. The Fish House will donate 10% of your total bill to Rogues …

History of rugby in Canada

Rugby football has a long history in Canada going back to its beginning manifestation in the 1860′s. Presentation of the diversion and its punctual development is usually credited to outsiders, parts of the regimental guards, and to the Royal Navy in Halifax, NS and Esquimalt, BC. Granted that rugby has thrived on both Canadian coasts, a large number of the amusements’ firsts have happened in Ontario and Quebec. The leading round of rugby recorded in Canada happened in Montreal near mounted guns men in 1864. That same year, Trinity College in Toronto, printed the first set of tenets for the sport of rugby in Canada.

It was six years after the fact, in 1874 when the first North American universal diversion happened in Cambridge. Ontario and Quebec played the first interprovincial match in Canada. Websites like Vancouver’s Rogues Rugby (www.roguesrugby.ca) can provide much more information on Rogue Rugby team.

The predominant diversion in British Columbia was played in 1876, between parts of the Royal Navy and the area compels on Vancouver Island. It was a different ten years after the diversion was played on the territory and in 1889; the British Columbia Rugby Union was shaped. It included Vancouver Rogues (also known as “Rogues RFC” or “Rogues Rugby Football Club”).

On the East Coast, the diversion started with the development of the Halifax Football Club in 1870. Numerous clubs were shaped in the 1880′s and in 1890; the Maritime Provinces Rugby Union was shaped.

In 1892, the Manitoba Rugby Football Union was shaped. Alberta and Saskatchewan appropriated the amusement because of the North West Mounted Police in the 1890′s. roguesrugby.ca is solely purposed on rugby in Canada.

Crosswise over Canada, there was a concise pre-war resurgence of rugby, yet that was soon broken down with the appearance of war. From 1914 to 1919, just in British Columbia and Nova Scotia, were there sufficient amounts of groups to mastermind matches on a semi-normal groundwork. Somewhere else, most rugby was disbanded in favour of a more purposeful war enterprise. There is proof to back a dynamic undertaking to keep rugby full of vibrancy throughout the war years, to assist keep confidence up around servicemen and regular folks.

After World War I, there was a stamped build in rugby crosswise over Canada, as reverting servicemen rejoined their old clubs. The development of the Rugby Union of Canada occurred in 1929 and this was accompanied by a tour of Japan by a Canadian delegates side in 1932.

Throughout World War II, Rugby investment accompanied a comparative example all over Canada. It was played on a constrained premise as most rugby players ended up being excessively included with the war venture to keep playing the amusement. The diversions that were played, for the most part included parts of the Commonwealth Forces.

Since its lower beginnings, the sport of rugby has combated various major obligations in its growth. Canada is favoured with a cruel atmosphere, a colossal land size, and a moderately level populace. Since 1945, Provincial Rugby Unions have encountered stamped development and the Rugby Union of Canada, which worked for ten years before 1939, was improved in 1965. The present managerial figure, the Canadian Rugby Union, known as Rugby Canada, was fused in 1974.

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